Language Maintenance Immersion Weekend 2016

A weekend of immersion in the Japanese language, participating in a language maintenance course and networking with other Japanese teachers in the beautiful Victorian countryside.

Event report

On Friday evening, 26th August 2016, dedicated teachers travelled to the stunning Victorian country town of Daylesford from near and far (some from as far as Bairnsdale and Wodonga) to attend the JLTAV Language Immersion Weekend.

These brave teachers allowed themselves to be immersed in Japanese and worked tirelessly throughout the weekend with their incredible mentors on their own Japanese language skills, building their confidence along the way and developing networks and friendships that will continue beyond the weekend. There were also some games, a movie night (Happy Flight) and some social activities, including a nail-biting kendama championship.

This weekend would not be possible without the wonderful mentors – Masako Kennedy, Junko Nichols and Hatsu Watanabe, who put together incredible programs for their teams and were both enthusiastic and patient throughout the weekend.

It is not often that teachers have the time to dedicate to their own, personal professional development, so this weekend was a special opportunity for all those involved.

Many thanks to all of the teachers who came along and threw themselves into the challenge of being learners for the weekend.

And … save the date for next year!

Immersion Weekend participant, Deanna Wegman, reflected on the weekend:

I had the privilege of participating in the Immersion Weekend last year and was not the only one keen to return for more this year.

The weekend is a great opportunity to practise speaking and listening to Japanese, all in the company of a great bunch of colleagues, and offers teachers the best boost to your Japanese skills outside Japan!

Based on our own self-evaluation and confidence levels we were this year again placed in small groups there to support our learning, and it was wonderful to see the progress made and confidence gained.

Indoor learning was intertwined with enjoying the outdoor sights of the area with our wonderful enthusiastic Masako 先生, with giving our bodies some exercise and with socialising and networking with fellow teachers over relaxed meals and morning and afternoon tea.

The excellent mentors Masako, Hatsu and Naoko from last year and Junko this year  brought their own unique and entertaining skills to their small group, inspiring their charges with interesting ways of engaging their students, improving language skills, gaining class room confidence and so much more. 

If you have not as yet experienced their mentoring, you can at forthcoming JLTAV PD workshops, conference, or of course the next immersion weekend, which I highly recommend.

A wonderful time is guaranteed –  you too will not help catching the enthusiasm of the mentors, and benefitting from the coordination by our dedicated weekend organisers Kathie and Nathan.  Together they helped remind me why I love teaching and learning Japanese – may be see you at the next Immersion weekend!

Cost includes

  • accommodation
  • all meals (Friday dinner until Sunday lunch)
  • organised social activities
  • all course fees
JLTAV members (twin share)$300
JLTAV members (single room)$480
Non-members (twin share)$440
Non-members (single room)$620


Registration closed on Thursday 4th August, 2016.