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Department of Education and Training (DET) – Languages

The official page of Languages in the state government department.

Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria (MLTAV)

A professional association for language teachers, and the umbrella organisation of Single Language Associations, of which the JLTAV is one.

Monash Japanese Language Education Centre (MJLEC)

Based out of Monash University, provides professional development and numerous resources for Japanese language teachers, and VCE and exam information sessions for students. They also administer the Nihongo Victoria Email Group, with information on how to join on our membership page.

The Victorian School of Languages (VSL)

A government school that provides after-school and Saturday morning language classes to students from Grade 1 through to Year 12 in a variety of locations across Victoria. VSL offers small class sizes to cater to students at a variety of levels, and is ideal for students who cannot study Japanese at their day school, or for students who may require extension in their Japanese language education.

VSL also offers Distance Education classes from Year 7 – Year 12, including Japanese First Language Units 3 and 4, and it is ideal for students who prefer to study independently.


Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA)

The national professional body representing teachers of all languages in Australia.

The Japan Foundation, Sydney (JPF)

The Australian arm of The Japan Foundation. The JPF provides numerous events, language courses, professional developments, and grants for schools, teachers and students all over Australia.

The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s new and improved classroom resources page offers a treasure trove of ready-to-go activities for the classroom, searchable by level and keywords.

Japanese Teachers’ Association of New South Wales (JTAN)

Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of South Australia (JLTASA)

Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (JLTAWA)

Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) Japanese Network

Japanese Teachers Network Tasmania

These networks and associations provide quality Japanese language teacher and student development in their respective states and territories. Members of the JLTAV may attend the annual conferences at member rates.

Japanese Language Teachers of Australia Facebook Group

A Facebook group that connects Japanese language teachers from all over Australia, providing online professional developments, cultural event information, curricula discussion, self-published resources and more. Use the provided link to request to join.

Teaching resources


Japanese as a Second Language at VCE

Japanese as a First Language at VCE

These are the links for the study designs, assessment guides, past exams, and more at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

Victorian Curriculum: Japanese

The official curriculum for Victorian schools, with detailed statements and elaborations for all year levels. Hosted by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

Australian Curriculum: Japanese

The official curriculum for Australian schools, with detailed statements and elaborations for all year levels. Two sequences exist: years F-10 and years 7-10 (year 7 entry). Hosted by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Common teaching lessons and ideas

Asia Education Foundation (AEF) Japanese curated digital resources

A master list of resources for all teachers of Japanese, including apps, blogs, games, hiragana, kanji, katakana, lessons and tutorials, professional learning, stories and songs, and teaching and learning resources.

Language Learning Space (LLS)

Provides access to numerous resources for both teachers and students. Teachers can access curriculum information, scope and sequences, and teaching resources for students, as well as access the unique tutoring system for both their own classroom and themselves. Hosted by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Japanese Teaching Ideas

A platform maintained by Inge Foley for Japanese language teachers to share their resources with others, and in-turn find new resources for their own classrooms. Usually content areas are password restricted, however you may receive a password by sharing a resource of your own on the website. In 2016, you will not need a password.

NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation (日本放送協会)

Up-to-date news from Japan and around the world in English and Japanese. Also contains ‘Life and Culture’ and ‘Learn Japanese’ sections which are useful as an introduction to the Japanese language and culture, and to spur discussion in the classroom.

Also, click here to go to NHK’s NEWS WEB EASY page which provide a range of news items written in simpler Japanese.

The Japan Forum

An official collection of useful cultural and language resources, including Click Nippon.

Travel to Japan Wiki

A wiki moderated by Jan Chalmer that allows teachers to share ideas for running student exchanges and school trips to Japan.

Languages & Multicultural Education Resource Centre (LMERC)

LMERC provides resources in the areas of English as an Additional Language (EAL), Languages other than English, the Intercultural Capability and the crosscurriculum priorities areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and Sustainability.

Click here to read the latest newsletter.

Secondary teaching resources

Senior Japanese (VCE Japanese Units 1-4 Resources)

A compilation of resources for VCE Japanese, created by Nathan Lane and Yuri Young, including grammar booklets, listening tasks, and detailed study and general conversation information.

Easy Japanese Grammar

A collection of video tutorials on basic and intermediate Japanese grammar patterns, with some links to Quizlet sets as well. All content is freely available. Created by Julie Devine and the Easy Japanese Grammar team.

Primary teaching resources

Nihongo Go Go

A blog created by Kathleen Duquemin to provide primary learners with quick and easy access to Japanese learning tools, games, cultural activities, all with constant language exposure.

Hiragana Mama

Hiragana Mama provides fun and interesting ways to teach younger children about the Japanese language and culture.

Kids Web Japan

An easy to access website that introduces basic Japanese and discusses various topics on Japan and its culture. Topics include geography, holidays and festivals, pop-culture, and food.



A simple to use flashcard program for PC and Mac, and as an application on iOS and Android phone and tablets. Teachers and students can create, share, and download flashcard sets. As you practice, Anki learns with you, increasing and decreasing frequency of flashcards as needed.

Hiragana Megane

A website that places furigana on website with Japanese text. Simply copy and paste the website you wish to put furigana on in the address bar provided.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

A website that provides resources for teaching and learning Japanese, including language and cultural hooks, detailed grammar explanations, tutorials, and more.


An online dictionary that gives fast translations with numerous examples to find the perfect word for any situation. Teachers and students can create and export their own vocabulary lists to easily share with others.

Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC

WWWJDIC is an in-depth Japanese language dictionary, providing detailed explanations and examples on Japanese vocabulary.

Gakuu resources

A collection of curated resources for self-study that may also be useful teaching. Sorted by suitable proficiency level.

Advocacy Resources

Learn Japanese and a New World Opens Project

Japan Foundation, Los Angeles Advocacy Kit

Lead with Japanese

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Travel Companies

Saizen Tours

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