2017 Spring Newsletter

2017 spring newsletter


Table of Contents


  1. From the President
  2. Dates for your diary & events
  3. Past event reports
  4. Committee members 2017-2018
  5. New services section of JLTAV website
  6. Travel to Japan Wiki
  7. 2018 JLTAV Membership Information


1. From the President

Please see the update from the President, Nathan Lane, here.


2. Dates for your diary & events

Upcoming events are visible on our Events page.
In the immediate future, we are offering:

  1. Tue 17/4: JLTAV Idol Contest 2017-2018


3. Past event reports

On the Events page of our website, you can now see all past events back to the start of 2016. This will continue to be updated with new event reports as they are made.

For this edition, event reports have been added to the following events:

  • Year 12 Morning Ballarat and Melbourne
  • Junior speech competition
  • Immersion weekent
  • Calligraphy competition (judge’s report)


4. Committee members 2017-2018

We are proud to present the Committee for 2017-2018. Their names can be found on the About Us page.


5. New services section of JLTAV website

The Services page of the JLTAV website contains three items:

  • Past year 12 practice exams available for order
  • The Regional Support Scheme, providing funding to support Japanese teachers to hold events in regional Victoria

Please visit the page to check it out.

Furthermore, we are currently preparing to implement JLTAV Listening Tas Recording Service
The JLTAV would like to commence a listening task recording service to support VCE teachers record listening tasks with native speaker voices. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please complete the form here. Further details of this service will be communicated to members when a bank of teachers has been created.


6. Travel to Japan Wiki

This fabulous site was created by Jan Chalmer. There are over 100 members sharing their experiences.
You can find information such as:

  • Attractions and Activities
  • Restaurants and Places to Eat
  • Mobile Phones and WiFi
  • Hotels and Ryokans
  • Itenaries
  • Tour Companies
  • Transport and Airport Transfers
  • Guided Tours
  • Documents
  • What to Take
  • Handy Hints

How to Join?


7. 2018 JLTAV Membership Information

Membership registration for 2018 will be opening soon.

DO NOT register with the 2017 membership form unless you would like to become a member for 2017 (until 31 December 2017).

For further information, please go to our Membership page of the JLTAV website