2019-3 Winter Newsletter

2019 Winter newsletter

Table of Contents

  1. From the President
  2. Dates for your diary & future event information
  3. Committee members 2019-2020
  4. Past event reports
  5. Year 12 practice exam order form
  6. JLTAV regional support scheme information

1. From the President

Please see the update from the President, Nathan Lane, here.

2. Dates for your diary & future event information

Upcoming events and future events for teachers and students are visible on our Events page.

Registrations are open for the following teacher events that we are offering:

Registrations/Entries are open for the following student events:

The details for the following student event will be updated to our website in near future:

  • Calligraphy competition

In addition to the JLTAV events, there is also a “Senior” Japanese Language Speech Contest Victoria 2019, organised by JLSCV Inc. on 8th September 2019.

For more information, please check their website (https://japanspeechcontest.org.au/).

3. Committee members 2019-2020

We are proud to present the Committee for 2019-2020. Their names can be found on the About Us page.

4. Past event reports

On the Events page of our website, you can now see all past events back to the start of 2016. This will continue to be updated with new event reports as they are made.

Event Report: Wodonga Professional Learning Day
On Saturday 22 June, Nathan Lane and Kathleen Duquemin presented a whole day workshop to eight teachers from the Wodonga region. The content covered during the day included units of work and assessment, technology and the use of PowerPoint, and linking literacy with developing listening skills.

Many thanks to Lana Thorpe from Wodonga Senior Secondary College who assisted in organising the day. Thank you also to the teachers who attended. We hope we can continue to support our regional colleagues by presenting professional learning outside of Melbourne.

5. Year 12 practice exam order form

The past year 12 practice exams are available for order from the Services page of the JLTAV website.

6. Regional support scheme information

The Regional Support Scheme provides funding to support Japanese teachers to hold events in regional Victoria.

More information is available from the Services page of the JLTAV website.