2020-2 Autumn Newsletter

2020 Autumn newsletter

Table of Contents

  1. From the President
  2. Dates for your diary & future event information
  3. Student event details
  4. Committee members 2020-2021
  5. Past event reports
  6. Year 12 practice exam order form
  7. 2020 JLTAV Professional Learning Survey
  8. Corporate member email list

1. From the President

Please see the update from the President, Nathan Lane, here.

2. Dates for your diary & future event information

Upcoming and future events for teachers are visible on our Events page.

3. Student event details

Upcoming students events/competitions are visible on our Events page

At the moment, entries/registrations are still open for:

We will add more information about the following events on our website when possible:

4. Committee members 2020-2021

We are proud to present the Committee for 2019-2020. Their names can be found on the About Us page.

5. Past event reports

On the Events page of our website, you can now see all past events back to the start of 2016. This will continue to be updated with new event reports as they are made.

This year’s Annual General Meeting president’s report is available from our website.

6. Year 12 practice exam order form

The past year 12 practice exams are available for order from the Services page of the JLTAV website.

7. 2020 JLTAV Professional Learning Survey

The JLTAV is committed to providing professional learning to members. We ask teachers to spend a few minutes completing this survey. The survey results will assist in deciding the professional learning the Association provides in 2020.


8. 2020 JLTAV Corporate members

A list of corporate members are available from the Links page of the JLTAV website.

In this edition, we have included advertisements form the following corporate members:

Nelson Cengage

Saizen Tours

JTB Australia