2021 JLTAV Events Poster Competition

A chance for your art skills to be put on display!!

Students studying Japanese in primary and secondary schools are invited to design a poster to be used on the front cover of the 2021 JLTAV Annual Conference book for conference delegates and the front cover of the 2021 Year 12 Morning book.

Students are encouraged to be creative and to design a cover which reflects the Japanese language or Japanese culture. This is broad to enable students to be creative. For example students might like to design a cover in manga style. Students are able to submit a digital or hand drawn cover design. Please note that students are not able to use images that are already copyright (e.g. Hello Kitty etc.). No words are required on the poster.

Audience: Teachers attending the 2021 JLTAV Conference and students/teachers attending the 2021 Year 12 Morning

Size: A4 size (portrait size only)

Entry is free and open to all JLTAV member schools. Up to five entries per school.

Judging criteria

  • A creative design reflecting the Japanese language or culture
  • A4 size (portrait size only)
  • No use of copyright images
  • Individual entries only will be accepted

Daiso stationery pack to be awarded to the winning entry

Entries due to the JLTAV Office by Thursday 1 April 2021.

Entry is free!

Click here to download the registration form.