Calligraphy Competition 2018

The Calligraphy Competition is open for all students from grade 1 to year 12. This year, the theme is きせつ, seasons.

Rules for both Brush and Pencil divisions 2018

Please note that you may enter either or both pencil and brush calligraphy divisions.
Max entries: 10 entries per category per school, per division
Cost: $2.50 per entry (payable by EFT)
No illustrations: specified character/s and first name only on the page
Entry name sheet: stapled/pasted on the back of the student’s calligraphy work; found in the document at bottom of this page
Closing date: Tuesday 4th September 2018
Prizes: Every entrant will receive a certificate.
The judge will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category.
Medallions and certificates will be awarded to all prize winners.
Each 1st prize winner’s school will receive a trophy.

Feedback and Comments from the Judge

 What did the winning students do well? What calligraphy skills did they exhibit?

はね、止め、流しなど 各要点をきちんと書いていたものを選びました。
また 元気よく 筆の強弱を入れて書いてある作品も多くみられました。


I chose works where the three essential stroke techniques such as hane (a curving stroke that fades out towards the bottom/swift upward stroke), tome (a full stop with a line stopping at medium width), and nagashi (sweep) have been written well. I also saw pieces written where the brush had been used wonderfully with variations in pressure applied.


What can students focus on to improve next time?



筆は 自然毛ですので、まずその毛、11本に墨が浸透する必要があります。

書き始める前に まずしっかり筆に墨を含ませて、そのまま1分ほどおいてから

墨をきると 毛の内部まで墨がしみこみ、ほどよい墨の量が筆先までたもたれます。

練習をしてから 清書を書くのは 筆の墨調整をする意味でもあります。


I think the consistency of ink on the brush is a difficult challenge. If too much it can blur, if too little the edges can fade. Maybe make two attempts. Your brush is made of natural hair so firstly it is important for these hairs one by one to absorb the ink. Before starting to write make sure the brush is fully dipped in the ink and leave it for one minute. After this make sure the ink is soaked right into the hairs and a nice quantity of ink is maintained at the tip of the brush. After doing calligraphy exercises writing a clean copy will mean you need to adjust the ink on your brush.


Other comments

大変きれいにかいてあるものでも 残念ながら2度書きされているものは 入賞対象から


書道の醍醐味は その一瞬を一筆で表すという 絵画にはない 一瞬美です。

かすれも 滲みもその一環であれば、美しい作品の一つですので、先生からの



Even where work was beautifully written, I unfortunately had to delete works where strokes had been over written. The thrill/pleasure of calligraphy is to capture that one moment with one brush that you cannot find in painting. Blurring and fading can be one aspect of the art and a beautiful piece of work. It would be ideal to get some simple guidance on the background and history of calligraphy from your teacher.



Araki Miho


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Forms and further information

For forms, more information and sample calligraphy, please see the following document: