Calligraphy Competition 2019

The Calligraphy Competition is open for all students from grade 1 to year 12. This year, the theme is 令和, which is a blend of ‘rei’ meaning ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’, and ‘wa’ meaning ‘peace’ or ‘harmony’.

Rules for both Brush and Pencil divisions 2019

Please note that you may enter either or both pencil and brush calligraphy divisions.
Max entries: 10 entries per category per school, per division
Cost: $2.50 per entry (payable by EFT)
No illustrations: specified character/s and first name only on the page
Entry name sheet: stapled/pasted on the back of the student’s calligraphy work; found in the document at bottom of this page
Closing date: Tuesday 17th September 2019
Prizes: Every entrant will receive a certificate.
The judge will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category.
Medallions and certificates will be awarded to all prize winners.
Each 1st prize winner’s school will receive a trophy.

Brush division 2019

categoryrequired scriptnotes
Primary years 1&2Heaven (ten)
Primary years 3&4Good or Beautiful (rei)
Primary years 5&6Peace (wa)
Secondary years 7&8元年First year (gannen)
Secondary years 9&10天皇Emperor (tennou)
Secondary years 11&12令和Reiwa

Instructions: Please note: Calligraphy materials can be purchased at art suppliers or Japanese bookshops

Paper: hanshi is preferable. Size of hanshi is close to 24cm x 33cm (or A4) size

Brush: calligraphy brushes

Ink: bokuju is preferable (black)

Name: Entrant’s first name only is to be written vertically in brush in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Please see the sample in the document at the bottom of this page.

Judging criteria: Balance, shape and neatness of strokes & character(s).
(Students won’t be judged by quality of paper or ink)

Please also see the common rules above.

Pencil division 2019

CategoryRequired script: only RED partsNotes
Primary years 1&2なの花や 月はひがしに 日はにしにCopy highlighted scripts
Primary years 3&4なの花や 月はひがしに 日はにしにCopy highlighted scripts
Primary years 5&6なの花や 月はひがしに 日はにしにCopy highlighted scripts
Secondary years 7&8なの花や 月は東に 日は西にCopy highlighted scripts
Secondary years 9&10春の朝  7 syllables  5 syllables/Student’s Name in Hiragana or KatakanaCreate own haiku starting with the given words. Write own name in Japanese.
Secondary years 11&125 syllables 7 syllables 5 syllables /Student’s Name in hiragana or katakanaCreate own haiku starting with the given words. Write own name in Japanese.

Instructions: Write with a 2B lead pencil.
Students should write in handwriting style, NOT in minchotai or gothictai (printed style).   This means sa, ki, fu and ri should not be joined.
Avoid using erasers. If it is necessary to erase something do not leave marks on the paper. Do not use liquid paper for corrections.
Tracing is not permitted.
Ask students to check their spelling and grammar before completing their final draft as the emphasis is on calligraphy, not writing content.

Judging criteria: Balance, shape and neatness of handwriting
Use the samples as a model and write the calligraphy vertically on the official entry form.
NB. Entries will only be accepted on the official entry form.

Please also see the common rules above.

Application process

  1. Fill in the online application form.
  2. Print the first page before you press “SUBMIT”. This application form becomes a TAX INVOICE for the payment purpose for your school.
  3. EFT to BSB 033 034 A/C# 61 1599 (a/c# changed in 2015. Please send a payment advice to (If you are paying from your personal account, please write your school name in the reference section of EFT)
  4. Print “Entry Name Sheet” from the “Calligraphy Information” PDF.
  5. Fill in details including students’ names.
  6. Cut and glue them on the back of students’ original work.
  7. Post the students’ work:
    JLTAV Inc. (Pencil Calligraphy Competition)
    LPO 8157 Monash University, Clayton 3800
    or to:
    JLTAV Inc. (Brush Calligraphy Competition)
    LPO 8157 Monash University, Clayton 3800

LATE APPLICATIONS and NON MEMBER entries will not be accepted.

Application Forms


Forms and further information

For forms, more information and sample calligraphy, please see the following document: