ICT Online Workshop 2016: Creating a collaborative learning environment

Event report

N.B. This report is identical for both events, for Edpuzzle and Creating a collaborative learning environment.

In 2016 our ICT professional learning again took the form of online webinars. Two webinars each running for an hour were held on Wednesday 26 October and Wednesday 2 November.

Our presenter, Shingo Gibson-Suzuki, showed us how to use Edpuzzle and how to create a collaborative learning environment to be used with students and staff using various cloud based sites.

We greatly appreciate Shingo’s support and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and creativity with us.

We continue to look at different ways to present our professional learning and hope to continue this online format next year.

Nathan Lane


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Event details

In 2016 the JLTAV is again committed to providing ICT professional learning to members. This year we are offering online workshops to ensure all members have access to ICT professional learning.

N.B. There are two sessions, on 26 October and 2 November. They are listed as different events but all links and information are the same.

Who is eligible: Primary and Secondary Japanese language teachers who would like
to improve their skills to utilise a range of ICT tools effectively in their classroom.

Teachers may choose to participate in one or both of the online sessions (maximum of 25 participants per session)

Cost: Free

AITSL Standards :1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (a participation certificate will be provided)

Presenter: Shingo Gibson-Suzuki

Registrations: Close at 9am on the morning of the online register. Use the button below to register.

On the day of the workshop teachers will be emailed a meeting ID code to join the meeting.
Teachers will need to go to the link https://zoom.us/join and type in the meeting ID in the space under ‘Join a Meeting’

Outline of the sessions

Wednesday 26 October4:00 – 4:45Using Edpuzzle to create an interactive and formative assessment style flipped classroom
Wednesday 2 November4:00 – 4:45Creating a collaborative learning environment to be used with students and staff using various cloud based sites (such as box, Dropbox, Google drive etc.) and online based collaborative drawing

About the presenter

Shingo Gibson-Suzuki

Japanese Teacher/eLearning Leader, Taylors Lakes Secondary College

Shingo currently teaches Japanese at Taylors Lakes Secondary College, where he is also the eLearning leader and the coordinator of accelerated learning program for years 7 to 9. He has been an active user of various ICT tools and was a part of Language Learning Spaces project by the Education Services Australia. Shingo has presented at JLTAV conferences, National Symposium in the Japanese Language Education. He was selected as a finalist in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards in 2014 and 2015 as well as in the Polycom Teaching Excellence Awards in 2013. Shingo is also the founder and the moderator of the Japanese Language Teachers of Australia Facebook Group, which consists of more than 1700 members from around Australia sharing Japanese teaching ideas