JLTAV Hiragana Mnemonic Competition

2018 – 2019 DS  Hiragana Mnemonic Card Competition

It’s time to get creative!

Primary and Secondary students are invited to create their own Hiragana Mnemonic Cards. Using the template, students can draw their own clue for the hiragana. The winning cards will become the new Hiragana Hint Cards for all JLTAV Member Schools.

The winning entries will be chosen by teachers during the 2019 JLTAV National Japanese Conference.

Entry is free and open to all JLTAV member schools. Each school can submit one complete hiragana alphabet only – i.e. only one of each character. However, please note that entries that don’t contain the full alphabet will also be accepted.


Click here to download the instruction and registration form.


You can download the hiragana template from here to create mnemonic cards.


Judging criteria

  • Original Hiragana mnemonics
  • No use of copyright images (e.g. Doraemon) or published works (e.g. Hiragana in 48 Minutes)
  • Students must use the A4 template in the Word file
  • Completed registration form with description of the mnemonic and name, grade and school to be included on the back of the template
  • Entries close Friday 20 December 2019

Daiso stationery prizes to be awarded to winning entries

If you have students who could create mnemonics for these characters could you please email: nlane@mackillopsh.vic.edu.au

Please ensure the image that your students create is clear enough to be printed

Entry is free!