Junior Speech Competition 2016

This event is aimed at students from Foundation to Year 10.

The 2016 JLTAV Inc. Junior Speech Competition was supported by The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

Event report

The annual JLTAV Junior Speech Competition was held at Firbank Grammar School in Brighton on Sunday 21 August. This year we had 170 participants, 77 primary students and 93 secondary students from 44 schools across Victoria.

We would like to congratulate all participants and thank all involved. It was pleasing to see so many enthusiastic students presenting their speeches and role-plays in Japanese. The judges were very impressed by the high quality of speeches and the obvious preparation that had gone into the day. They acknowledged that it is not easy to stand before a large audience and deliver a speech in another language and they would like to congratulate all the students for their courageous efforts.  Thanks also go to the teachers and parents for supporting and encouraging the students and for the time spent preparing for the competition. We also acknowledge the support from those who drove from regional areas to participate.

Students had some interesting and creative speeches which made the day entertaining. Many students injected humour into their speeches and also referenced current Japanese popular culture which added interest to the overall presentations.

Some areas for improvement in the future include clear pronunciation and engaging with the audience by using eye contact and speaking a little slower.

The judges would like to encourage students to continue with their Japanese language learning as knowing another language can open many doors in the future.

We would like to thank the judges who gave up their time on a Sunday to support our Association and to judge our contest. Special thanks to:

  • Lois Booth
  • Masako Kennedy
  • Anne de Kretser
  • Nathan Lane
  • Hitomi Matsumura-Holmes
  • Shu Ohki
  • Vanessa Shen
  • Caroline Tran
  • Deanna Wegman

Thank you also to Eric Wegman for being the MC for the primary division and to all of the committee who gave up their time to work at the speech contest, it was very much appreciated.

We are fortunate to have the ongoing support for the Junior Speech Competition from The Japan Foundation, Sydney, which we greatly appreciate. We would also like to thank Ms Keiko Hongo for her generous contribution to the prizes for this year’s competition. The Keiko Hongo Encouragement Award was awarded in each category this year.

Nathan Lane

President, JLTAV Inc. (Reg. No. A0024691U)

Prize winners



Year 5 to Year 6 (individual)

First Rory Kilpatrick (Cornish College)
Second Catherine Su (Mount Waverley Primary School)
Third Ashley Vulikh (Gardenvale Primary School)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Adelia Chong (Christian College Geelong)


Year 5 to Year 6 (pair)

First Tess Uren, Poppy Hunt (Toorak College)
Second Rebecca Greene, Ruby Paul (Gardenvale Primary School)
Third Sharon Park, Rachael Loo (Mount Waverley Primary School)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Maya Bruni, Daisy Pritchard (Selby Primary School)


Year 5 to Year 6 Open

First Aiko Gatti (Our Lady of Mt Carmel)
Second Ahelee Rahman
Third Gabriel Coleman (Caulfield Primary School)


Years 7 and 8 (individual)

First Michelle Zhao (Christian College Geelong)
Second Elliot Perez (Beaconhills College)
Third Bimal Gabbi (Brentwood Secondary College)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Marrisa Tuangthong (Blackburn High School)


Years 7 and 8 (pair)

First Kerry Zheng, Angelina Goh (Presbyterian Ladies’ College)
Second Leala Xu, Arrifa Nasarudin (Westbourne Grammar School)
Third Mila Ristevski, Helena D’Arcy (Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Ji Soo Lee, Vickie Wong (Mount Waverley Secondary College)


Years 9 and 10 (individual)

First Kameron Lai (The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School)
Second Alice Du (Kardinia International College)
Third Fiona Huang (Presbyterian Ladies’ College)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Thu Trang Nguyen (Kew High School)


Years 9 and 10 (pair)

First Boris Le, Elvis Tran (Mazenod College)
Second Tracy Chen, Vivian Tai (Presbyterian Ladies’ College)
Third Daisy Shnier, Alexander Wood (Wesley College St Kilda Road Campus)
Keiko Hongo Encouragement Stella Cao, Oriana Lu (Korowa Anglican Girls’ School)



First Hana Imazawa (Presentation College Windsor)
Second Karin Ye (Mathodist Ladies’ College)
Third James Marshman (Wesley College Elsternwick Campus)


The closing date for entries was Friday 5th August, 2016.

EFT details:

  • Account Name: JLTAV Inc.
  • BSB: 033034
  • Account Number: 611599
  • IMPORTANT: If you are sending money from your personal account, please write the name of your school in the reference section of Net-banking form AND send the application form ASAP after EFT.
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • Email enquiries to: jltav@jltav.org.au

Competition divisions & programme

APrimaryFoundation to Year 2 (group)9.30 am
B1PrimaryYear 3 to Year 4 (individual)9.30 am
B2PrimaryYear 3 to Year 4 (group)9.30 am
C1PrimaryYear 5 to Year 6 (individual)11.00 am
C2PrimaryYear 5 to Year 6 (pair)11.00 am
DPrimaryYear 5 to Year 6 Open11.00 am
E1SecondaryYears 7 & 8 (individual)9.30 am
E2SecondaryYears 7 & 8 (pair)9.30 am
F1SecondaryYears 9 & 10 (individual)11.00 am
F2SecondaryYears 9 & 10 (pair)11.00 am
GSecondaryOpen11.00 am

Competition rules

Eligibility and entry fees

  • The competition consists of the above divisions.
  • This competition is open to primary and secondary school students up to and including Year 10.
  • Competitors who have lived in Japan for more than six consecutive months and/or whose first or second home language is Japanese must enter the Primary Year 5 to Year 6 Open or Secondary Open division as appropriate. Younger primary students may enter A, B1 or B2 divisions.
  • Competitors who are current or past students of a bilingual school must enter the open section either Primary or Secondary.
  • Competitors may only enter one category (i.e. a Competitor may not be entered in both the individual and pair categories).
  • The Competitor’s school, or one teacher in the Competitor’s school, must be a current financial member of the JLTAV.
  • An entry fee of $7.00 per Competitor in Division A, or $10.00 per Competitor in Divisions B1 to G is to be forwarded to the JLTAV Inc with the entry form no later than Friday 5th August 2016.

Number of entries

  • Each school is limited to one entry per division (a multi campus school is considered as a different school if they pay membership separately).
  • No substitution of students can occur once the entry is lodged with the JLTAV.
  • Entries are accepted on a “first come first served” basis.
  • In the event that a division has fewer than 6 entries, that division will be cancelled and the schools notified accordingly.

Competition procedure


  • The individual speeches and the pair dialogues must be the Competitors’ own work. The level of sophistication of Japanese must not exceed that which would generally be expected of a student at the stated year level. There is no advantage in assisting students to put together complex speeches as the level of difficulty is not a judging criterion.
  • Students must adhere to the time allocations. Exceeding the time allowed will result in loss of points.
  • Students should recite from memory – relying on notes will result in loss of points.
  • A “Confirmation of Application Acceptance Slip” showing names and divisions entered will be forwarded to schools after the closing date. Students must bring this slip with them to the competition.

Divisions A, B1 and B2

  • Group entries may consist of up to four participants.
  • There will be no set speech for these divisions.
  • As participation is the aim, any spoken Japanese performance will be accepted with a maximum time of 60 seconds for individuals and 90 seconds for groups.
  • Prizes for first, second and third will not be made in these divisions.
  • All participants will receive a certificate and small prize.

Divisions C1 to G

  • An individual division competitor will first recite the set passage for his/her division and then recite a speech of his/her own creation (maximum time of 60 seconds for their own speech, excludes set speech).
  • Pair division competitors will first each recite the set passage for his/her division and then together perform a dialogue of their own creation (maximum time of 90 second for their own speech, excludes set speech)
  • Competitors in the Open Primary Division recite the same set passage as the Primary Years 5 – 6 Competitors, then their own speech (a combined total of 90 seconds)
  • Competitors in the Open Secondary Division recite the same set passage as the Secondary Years 9 & 10 Competitors, then their own speech (a combined total of 90 seconds)

All Divisions: Costumes/props/uniform rules

  • Please note: No School Uniform! There will be no point deduction even if students wear their school uniform. However, in order to run a fair competition students are asked to wear neat casual clothing.
  • No costumes allowed, but minimal props permitted in divisions A, B1 and B2 only. For example, clothing accessories such as a hat, tail and glasses, which do not cover the face and obstruct students’ ability to talk. A small hand held prop is also permitted, such as a book or phone. The prop used should not interrupt the performance. Please note face paint is not permitted as well as props that will require cleaning up afterwards, for example food, rice, confetti and liquids are strictly not allowed.

Judging criteria

Competitors will be judged on the following:
o Language (pronunciation, intonation, fluency, accuracy in grammar and use of words)
o Originality and creativity
o Presentation (delivery should be as Japanese students would deliver, NOT over acted)

Set passages

As websites cannot display ruby text clearly, please download the file from here: