The Japanese Language Speech Contest Victoria 2017

Please note: This event is not run by the JLTAV, but by the The Japanese Language Speech Contest Victoria Inc. (Reg. No. A0053233K).

This event is aimed at students of year 11 and 12 Japanese (High School Senior Division). 

It has other divisions for people aged 17 or over who are no longer high school students, e.g. university students.


Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, The University of Melbourne


Contest Guide & application form

Please download the guide and view more information on the official website.

The applications will open on Monday 8 August 2017.

The online application form will be available on 7 August 2017 on the official website:


What students could get out of participating in the contest

(A) All-round improvements are assured as students continue to put their best effort into the whole process of:

  1. Thinking of possible topics;
  2. Researching on the topic chosen;
  3. Writing a persuasive opinionative essay to be delivered as a 3 minute* speech (an intensive, continual process of thinking, writing, reading and rewriting);
  4. Memorising it (for the most effective delivery from the heart);
  5. Learning and practising effective delivery;
  6. Delivering the speech in front of a real audience; and
  7. Reflecting on the experience and self-affirming what and how much improvements they have gained.
    * 3 minutes for High School Senior and Open Beginner Divisions. 5 minutes for Background Speaker and Open Divisions.

All students come out as educational winners doing all the above.

(B) Students’ efforts are publicly recognised.


If you have any further queries, please contact:

Hiroshi Honda
The Japanese Language Speech Contest Victoria Inc.
(Reg. No. A0053233K)