Year 12 Morning 2018 (Melbourne and Ballarat)

Event Report

The 2018 ‘Year 12 Morning’ was held in two locations, Sunday 22 July at the Robert Blackwood Hall in Monash University’s Clayton Campus, and on Sunday 29 July at Loreto College in Ballarat. We were pleased to be able to support our colleagues in regional areas by running the ‘Year 12 Morning’ again in Ballarat.

The event was well supported with 810 attendees from both metropolitan and regional areas attending the event overall. This event focuses on preparing students for the end of year oral and written exams for Japanese Second Language.

We greatly appreciate the support of Ms Julie Devine who has been the presenter of the ‘Year 12 Morning’ for a number of years now. Julie brings many years of experience as a VCE teacher to share and her attention to detail always ensures a most informative presentation.

Students received a comprehensive booklet outlining advice on what to expect in the external exams and how to go about preparing for them. The booklet also contained a practice exam which students can complete at home or during class time. Teachers received support materials for the practice exam including a listening CD and answer sheet.

The morning was divided into three parts. The first session focused on the oral exam and strategies to achieve success in the general conversation and discussion sections. Students were able to compare and discuss performances in the oral exam by viewing two mock orals, a good example and a not so good example.

After a short break, Dr Robyn Spence-Brown from Monsh University spoke about tertiary options available for continuing Japanese studies at the different universities in Melbourne. This was an excellent opportunity for students to hear how they can take their Japanese studies further at university level.

The last session focused on strategies for the written exam. The listening, reading and writing sections were outlined and students were given the opportunity to listen to two of the texts in the practice exam and answer the questions in the booklet.

The success of the day is attributed to the hardworking JLTAV committee members. We also thank Yoshiko Glenton from the JLTAV office who assisted in organising the day as well as members of the committee for their assistance on the day.

The JLTAV committee would also like to acknowledge the continued support of the Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education (MCJLE) and sincerely thank Anne de Kretser and Hiroko Liu for their assistance in organising the event. The 2018 Year 12 Morning was also supported by the Victorian Government.

It is pleasing to see the number of students continuing their Japanese studies into Year 12 and the importance of this event is reflected in the number of attendees on the day. We extend our best wishes to this year’s Year 12 Japanese cohort as they prepare for their exams.

Nathan Lane

President, JLTAV Inc. (Reg. No. A0024691U)



This event is designed for year 12 students.

In 2018 we will be holding the Year 12 Morning in two venues:

  • Sunday 22 July: Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University Clayton (Wellington Road, Clayton)
  • Sunday 29 July: Loreto College Ballarat Theatrette (1600 Sturt Street, Ballarat)

Cost: $12.00 per student and staff member (including GST)

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  • You MUST resubmit the form if you did not receive a confirmation email within five minutes.
  • There are only 144 seats in the Theatrette at Loreto College Ballarat. When this venue becomes full, students and teachers will need to attend the event at Monash University Clayton. Teachers will be informed of this.
  • You will not be registered until payment has been received by the JLTAV Office
  • The same presentation will be made at both venues
  • If you do not receive confirmation from us by Thursday 12 July, it is your responsibility to first check your school administration, then contact the JLTAV Office.
  • Please only register once and wait until after the closing date to receive registration confirmation from the JLTAV Office.
  • If your students are paying to attend please collect all money first and register as a class and not individually.
  • Cancellation policy is available at the bottom of this page.


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