The JLTAV Inc. Japanese (Second Language) Practice Exam (New Format)

To support VCE teachers preparing their students for the new VCE Japanese Second Language written exam format, the JLTAV has developed a practice exam. This practice exam is different to the practice exam created for the JLTAV Year 12 Morning online event. The practice exam is available for purchase by JLTAV members and non-JLTAV members. The exam package costs $100 (JLTAV member) and $170 (non-JLTAV member) and includes:

  • A copy of the practice exam
  • An answer key with suggested marks for each question
  • Sample responses to the writing tasks
  • Listening tracks

Please note that the practice exam materials produced by the JLTAV have not been endorsed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

 Many thanks for your support of the JLTAV Inc.

Please find here an overview of the content covered in the practice exams produced by the JLTAV in 2020.

Previous JLTAV Inc. Japanese (Second Language) Practice Exams

We make available past practice exams for purchase to our members.

Please note: These exams have not been endorsed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Copyright of the exam materials belongs to the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria Inc. (JLTAV).

Please find order forms here:

Regional Support Scheme

The Regional Support Scheme provides funding to support Japanese teachers to hold events in regional Victoria. Details and application forms are below.

Conference Accommodation Subsidy

An accommodation subsidy is available for JLTAV MEMBER regional teachers living 100km or further from the conference venue (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre).
The subsidies offered are:
• with a 1 day conference registration: 1 night subsidy of $50 (either Thursday or Friday night)
• with a 2 day conference registration: 2 nights subsidy of $100 (Thursday and Friday nights)
How to apply Accommodation subsidy
  • Use Google Maps to check if you are eligible for the accommodation subsidy (over 100km).
  • Fill in the form 
  • Attach the receipt from the accommodation
  • Send them to JLTAV Inc.
Either by mail: LPO Box 8157, Monash University VIC 3800
Or by email (PDF only, NO photos):

Hiragana Mnemonic Resource

Thank you to the students at Santa Maria College Northcote for putting together a set of image-based hiragana mnemonic flashcards. The flashcards are available in the two pdf files.
In order to complete the set we are looking for mnemonics for the following hiragana characters: つ、ぬ、ね、る、れ、ろ、ゆ、ま、み、め.
If you have students who could create mnemonics for these characters could you please let me know via email: